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Hi, I'm Alvin! As a recent UCLA graduate, I'm interested in software development for technologies related to virtual and augmented realities (VR/AR).

6 years ago, I received my pre-order of the Oculus Rift DK1. Since then, my passion for VR/AR has only grown, motivating me to pursue all sorts of projects in these fields. Now, I'm starting a VR production company that creates highly interactive VR and AR games, as well as immersive experiences for trade shows, commercials, training programs. Our mission is to use VR and AR as a medium that can change the way people view the world.

During my time at UCLA, I was a programmer and research assistant for two psychology labs, where I investigated neurological markers of human intelligence, observed the effects of learning in VR, and used VR to study the visual illusions that occur with tilted rooms.

I also mentor at and participate in hackathons, where my teams and I have built really cool projects, like a mind-controlled car, full-body VR, AR search, heart rate-based FPS, and more!

In my free time, I shot arrows and taught kids how to code. Now, I go to real life escape rooms, participate in alternate reality games, and play video games with friends.

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